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Important Message to IAIM Community

Dear IAIM community,

The International Board is informing the community that the Circle of trainers have decided, because of the persistent situation with face to face restrictions in the world, to allow the entire IAIM program to be taught on video-conference. This applies to qualified instructors as well as instructor students. The program needs to be taught “live” in the “presence” of parents and babies that the instructor can interact with in real time. We emphasis that this is for our current situation and is to be applied only when face to face classes are still restricted.

We would like to remind the whole community that our program is a face to face program, and that several instructors have already successfully started to teach face to face while respecting the health and safety regulations requested by their local authorities.

It is extremely important that all CIMI follow the local Hong Kong Chapter guidelines, intellectual property protection of logos and acronyms rules , and Code of Conduct. Kindly email to for more information. Further guidelines will be released soon by the circle of trainers. Stay tune.

Warm regards to all.

IAIM Hong Kong Chapter

Iris Yim ( President)

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