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Open Education : IAIM Hong Kong Virtual Class (Nov 10, 2020 Tue) for CIMI and parents who has 0-1 ye

** Public Event: IAIM Hong Kong Virtual Classroom

Free and Open Education for parents who have 0-1 years old baby

Date: Nov 10, 2020 - Tue Time: 12:45-13:45 pm Speaker: IAIM HK Board - Iris Yim Target: Parents with 0-1 years old baby , CIMIs and CIMI-to-be only

Topic: Parental Stress and Infant Massage 1. Best tool but most under-utilized one for parents 2. A critical review and research evidence base – The benefit of infant massage 3. Know your infant - reflexology 4. Parental support- hormonal chain reaction and crying 5. Personal sharing

Event will be conducted in Cantonese ( with English if required) RSVP : By invitation or Registration through

Or whatsApp to 9171-1973 information to us including, with your name, phone number, email , and state your status parent / CIMI and event date .

Deadline: 3 days before the event date, virtual seats are limited, please RSVP.

Example: ( May Chan, tel: 9123-4567, parent with 3 mth old baby / enroll Nov 10 event)

CIMI and CIMI-to-be are welcome to invite parents who have 0-1 years old baby in your local community. Zoom Meeting access code and password will be emailed or whatapps to participants 1 days prior the event.

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