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Notice to the IAIM Community regarding Teaching and Practising

We shall overcome what the terrible challenges that we are experiencing at this time. Our hope is that you are all safe and healthy. I am writing to send our love and courage to all families in Hong Kong and around the world.

It is also important to follow the government guidelines about social distancing. Any face to face infant massage program or classes are highly recommended to be cancelled or postponed during this critical period. COVID-19 does not give IAIM instructors the right to teach online. And our agreement and Code of Ethics & Conduct in that regard do not change.

However, some ideas below might help you to support families and communities in this special time:-

1. Invite the parents to practice the massage they have learned already. 2. Find time to observe your baby, talk, sing, play... and introduce the benefits of touch (boost the immune system!) 3. Send your families each week a thought, poem or story, or invite them to read a paragraph/chapter of Vimala's book and discuss 4. Help new parents and elderly couple to get their baby stuff and food shopping 5. Make a call or zoom meeting to the friends and families around you to combat loneliness and get mental support. 6. Time for reading Vimala's numerous books

7. Stay home for nurses and doctors; and more…

During this time of coronavirus social distancing and quarantine, we have ample time to reflect on the needs of others. Little or quiet kindness can bolster well-being . Your individual acts proving love and humanity will win over coronavirus . Let’s practice kindness everyday and show our love to others.

With all our love and hopeful health wishes.

Iris Yim – President of IAIM HK Chapter

On behalf of IAIM Hong Kong Board

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