Waste Not, With Love . Donate your unwanted massage doll 珍惜地球資源,以愛相連 : 嬰兒按摩公仔捐贈回收計劃

Let lives be enriched through giving and receiving

By promoting baby massage in our community , we can help to re-establish a much needed connection within family, between family and the community. Any donated baby massage dolls re-distributed to valid CIMI members, charity partners and the needy in the community. Give your unwanted baby dolls a second life while supporting sustainable baby massage initiatives.

Note: Any donated baby massage dolls should be cleaned and no damaged ( still usable) .

If you are interested to donate or support us , please email board@iaim.org.hk or whatapps to 9171 1973

珍惜地球資源,以愛相連 : 嬰兒按摩公仔捐贈回收計劃

透過推廣嬰兒按摩,我們以關愛把家庭與社區連繋在一起。你捐贈的嬰兒按摩公仔,會由我們送予合資格的慈善機構伙伴,有效會籍之會員導師及其他社區有需要人士。讓施與受同分享愛。 註:捐贈物品必須清洗及無破損 如果你有興趣支持,請電郵至 board@iaim.org.hk 或Whatapps 91711973與我們聯絡

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