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Let’s fight Covid-19 together 身心齊抗疫

Humanity has faced an unusual, dangerous challenge connected with novel coronavirus. Stay strong. We believe in our victory. Be sure that you are not alone.

Apart from taking care of our personal hygiene and physical health, it is also important to manage your infant and your own mental health. Infants and children need parents’ love and attention especially during this difficult time. Baby massage is the perfect way to give your child an extra time and attention while inject some positive energy into your minds. Respond to their reactions in a supportive way, listen to them and enjoy the value of family bonding. Sunshine always comes after storms. Let’s stay positive and fight this unwelcome threat together!

Lastly , I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for all your supporting HK Chapter. I wish you once again good health and success in all its future endeavors.

Best regards

Iris Yim - President of IAIM HK Chapter On behalf of IAIM Hong Kong Board


新型冠狀病毒疫情持續,除注意個人衛生及健康外,更要管理好自己及孩子情緒,為身心注入正能量。在此艱難時刻,不妨給你初生嬰兒按摩,促進末梢血液、淋巴系統循環,有助增強免疫力,亦可促進親子間愛撫。孩子還沒開始發展語言能力前,按摩撫觸就是親子溝通的第一課。同時令你保持積極樂觀的心態。 陽光總在風雨後!希望大家身體健康,並肩同行,齊心抗疫!

國際嬰兒按摩協會(香港分會) – President Iris Yim

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