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IAIM (HK Chapter) 2018 “ The Proactive Baby Massage Promotion” !!!  1st Round !!!

Our Board is so proud to be recommended by The Matilda International Hospital (The Peak), to participate in a specific programme of【最强生命線】in TVB Financial Channel 85. This program was successfully filmed on Jan 9, 2018. We would like to give our sincere thank to Ms Tong and Ms Chun from The Matilda International Hospital (The Peak), TVB reporters, Miss Ho Chi Ying, Miss Yeung Ka Wing and the production crew. We also give our special thank to the lovely twin baby boys from the Li’s family who participated in the program and offered their home for the filming. Both babies enjoyed the massage given by their mother and father very much. They were devoted and cooperative with the crew throughout the entire filming process . It was amazing!!! At this precious moment, we do like to bring a positive message to the public through this program. The benefit of baby massage does not only focus on its function, but it also help to build and strengthen the bonding and attachment between the babies and their parents, providing a mean for the parents to pass their love and to facilitate their parenthood through touch. We strongly recommend to those parents who are interested to learn baby massage that correct baby massage strokes should be learnt from professionally Certified IAIM Infant Massage Instructors (IAIM-CIMIs). So that the optimal benefits to your babies could be achieved through the correct stroking technique. This program, 【最强生命線】, will be broadcasted on the 19th February, 2018 at 8:30pm, (The 4th day of Lunar Chinese New Year) on TVB Financial Channel 85. We would like to invite you all to share this post, so as to support and promote the positive message about baby massage. Thank you.


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